Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Worst sippy cups ever!!

You can see here the milk is collecting in the lid part.

It then leaks out the back and everything gets soaked! 

Im really disappointed in the Avent sippy cups. I bought a 5 pack and all of them do this. We wasted a ton of money when I could have got cups I know dont leak! Avent let me down this time.....I loved their pacifiers but will never buy another bottle or sippy cup from them again! 

This cup was our first sippy cup purchase. No spill is a lie! My son at 7 months was able to push the silicone top down and it would create a gap and leak. When he would drink it the top would indent in no matter how loose I made it. We tried to different ones and they went right into the trash. Will not look at these again. All the problem was with the spout! 

The Nuk EZ cup I loved at first! Then after one use the L shaped slit  broke and it was no longer usable. I tried contacting the company and they never responded back. I bought three of these and eventually all three did the same thing. They lasted maybe 2 months before all were gone. Now I know what to look for in a sippy cup spout. These never leaked and they worked great for transitioning I just wish the nipple part was different.



  1. Oh dang. I almost bought these, but they were out. Thanks for the post. That sucks bad!

  2. Yeah Im not happy about it ha ha but I guess Im not the only one dealing with leaks....