Friday, September 23, 2011

Miche Prima bag!

The Morgan shell on a prima bag

The leah shell on the prima bag

Miche has several different base bags. The one I was chose to review was the prima. I love how big this bag is! Great for Mom's with kids or just women who love those stylish big bags. For those of you looking for a smaller bag I would check out the classic. The base comes in brown or black and the shells are adorable. Miche also sells accessories like closet organizers for your shells and even straps! Thats right you can change the strap style too. The shells are always changing so if you see one you have to have grab it before it retires. The wonderful thing about Miche bags is that you can change out the shell and still keep everything in the bag! No more pulling everything out of your bag and placing it into another! Miche makes switching bags a breeze and this busy mom is thankful for that! Want to learn how to become a sales representative? Check out Miche's work at home opportunities  or check out how to host a party! Visit for more information. 

To remove the shell

Pull up the shell flaps

 Grab base bag

 Pull base bag up and out

 Easy to put back on slide base bag into shell

Match shell and bag sides up

 Flip over the shell flaps and its on!

 Is that easy!!

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Magnabilities  is an amazing company that sells interchangeable jewelry! Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings! You buy your base piece and then you can change out the center. Its a brilliant idea and I love how easy it is to mix up my jewelry. They have so many different styles Im sure you can find something. These would make the best gifts. All you have to do is buy your base then buy as many center pieces are you would like. They have a ton of color and design options for the center pieces too. Not only can you use the center pieces for the necklace but they also work on the other jewelry items they sell!

Take your base

 and your center piece 

 Place on base and there you have it!

From one idea in 2008 to the launching in 2010 this company has come a long way! I can only see them excelling into greater things and I for one can't wait to see what they come up with next! Check out for locations near you.

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charm factory European beaded bracelet

The charm factory provides inexpensive European style bracelets. These bracelets are completely customizable. However they do have beaded bracelets ready to go. These a great gifts for graduation, new moms and even birthdays. The company was nice enough to send me the bracelet in the picture above. This one is the love and believe bracelet. I love the colors and the two charms. To me its life is about loving the people around you and believe in the impossible. These bracelets come in three sizes 7.5, 8 and 9. 

For my small wrist I chose the 7.5 inch bracelet. It doesn't fit snug but drops down to the middle of my arm. Thats exactly how I like my bracelets to fit. I love how you can change out the beads to make a completely different bracelet or add beads to the pre-made ones. There's endless possibilities! 

Its very easy to add or remove beads. You simply unscrew the clasp and add your beads! It cant get much easier than that! Im in love with my bracelet and cant wait to order more beads to change up the one I already have! This is an amazing idea and Im happy to share it with you all. Go check out!!

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either. 

Playtex Lil' grippers straw cup

Playtex has been my favorite brand since day one. The lil grippers straw cup is a great training cup for children. If you're trying to get your little one used to a straw I recommend this cup. The squeezing feature allows for parents to squeeze the side helping the liquid come up the straw. However its not easy enough to squeeze that your toddler can squirt juice all over the place. I love how playtex has the twist and click leak proof guaranteed seal. My toddler isnt able to remove the lid on these cups. We have no leaks or spills with any playtex products. They are BPA free and Phthalate free and come in cute bright colors. You can find these cups at babies r us, target, walmart and even krogers. For question contact playtex they're always great about getting back to you. If you have a complaint contact them and they will try and work with you!

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either. 

Inspired by finn Teething necklace

Inspired by finn sells baltic amber products. Baltic amber has been believed to help with pain relief, chronic inflammation, restoring energy and maintaining wellness. How does it work? Baltic amber is warn directly on the skin. The warmth of your skin warms the amber and it then releases trace amounts of healing oils. To get the most out of your baltic amber make sure its directly on the skin and worn as much as possible. The teething necklaces are not to be chewed on. They are meant to be worn around the neck during the day with adult supervision and around the ankle at night with a sock over it. You also want to be sure to wear the amber as close to the pain site as possible. When picking your amber necklace the lighter the color the better the healing. You should clean your amber with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. DO NOT use soaps, oils, lotions etc on your amber. This will cause build up on the necklace. Remember to remove your amber when bathing, swimming or anytime you apply body products.

The teething necklaces are great for teething babies. Each bead had a not in them to keep any bead from coming off if broke. These necklaces are very durable and if not chewed on last awhile. I did notice a big difference in my son when wearing these necklaces. Its wasn't a big difference but I could tell it helped ease some of his pain. He was able to eat and sleep so much better. For questions on these products you can contact inspired by finn and ask what size would be best. 

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either.

CC Bum All in 2 bamboo fleece diaper

CC bums is a mommy run company that provides amazing cloths diapers. The owner takes custom orders and is happy to answer any questions you may have. The WAHM diaper I tested out was the all in 2 fleece with bamboo velour insert. Each all in two diaper has different inserts so be sure to check them out before ordering. With bamboo its important to wash and dry several times to remove any oils before use. After testing this diaper on my super soaker I can say its an amazing diaper. This diaper lasts up to 12 hours with a cover. With the outer being fleece you don't have to use a cover but I highly recommend it if you have a super soaker or find your child sleeps more then 6 hours at a time. We did experience leaks without the cover after roughly 4 hours. However with a cover this diaper is our go to night time diaper. 

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either.

Leslie's boutique wet dry bags

Leslie's boutique is a family run company. They make wet bags, wet/dry bags, pail liners, mama pads and diaper changing pads! Each product is made of high quality fabric and come in adorable colors and patterns. You can buy these products of her website or any retailer that carries the leslie line.

I've purchased the wet/dry bag and I cant tell you how much I love this bag! I can stick a few clean diapers and the front and then when they're dirty put them in the wet area. I've had no stinks or leaks with this bag. It even comes with a little patch to add oils for a fresh scent if you want. The snap handle allows be to attach this to my stroller, shopping cart or even my diaper bag. That saves so much room in the diaper bag. As most of us cloth diaper moms know they take up a lot of room! The pleated front allows more diapers to fit. With the medium 13x15 bag I can fit 4-6 pocket diapers.


babylegs is a company that gives back and was created by a fellow mother. The leg warmers are very useful and I wish I could have found them sooner! They come in newborn and regular. The regulars can fit adult arms for runners and toddler legs while potty training. Leg warmers protect little knees during the crawling stage but can also be used as an added layer during winter months. My son is 2 and we still use these! These things would be great under those newborn gowns for night time changes. You can bet I will be buying some newborn sizes when we decide to have another. During fall/winter I dont leave the house without a pair of leg warmers. Easy to slip under pants or shorts when the weather changes or when you have to change a diaper your babies legs are still warm. 

Not only do they make leg warmers they also sell the cutest little socks and tights! For more about the company or for questions visit 

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either.

Comfyrump cloth diaper

Comfyrumps is a very affordable cloth diaper. These diapers are by far my favorite inexpensive diaper. They've never leaked during the day or nap time hours. The fit is amazing and I can see these working for 10-30 pounds. If I could redo my stash these would be my primary diaper. Im in love!! Comfyrumps has even started adding pattern diapers! I do recommend you purchase some extra inserts for super soakers or night time use. These aren't as bulky as some cheaper diapers. The rise is adjusted my a three row snap and the waist is adjusted by the double row snap with a added hip snap. They have a warranty and return policy just be sure to read the restrictions! The company owners are very friendly and will answer any question you may have. They also have promotions running from time to time. You can get a deal on packs of cloth diapers so be sure to check that out too!

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kawaii ultra soft one size diaper

Kawaii is a cheap cloth diaper brand. This company has different styles from heavy wetter to minky. The particular one Im reviewing is the Ultra soft square tab one size pocket diaper. Like other pocket diapers the size is adjusted with a 3 row snap down the front. The waist and legs has a double row snap and an added hip snap. These diapers come with two inserts and they have a few different colors and prints. These diapers can be a bit bulky compared to other name brand diapers but I havent had any leaks. The only trouble I've had is the elastic on the legs started leaving marks on my son once he hit 20 pounds. We left the hip snap off and that made the diaper last until he was 23 pounds. After that we packed these away. Im a bit upset that they didn't last us longer. For a one size I was expecting them to at least fit to 30 pounds. Some of the diapers are losing snaps after a year or use. So all in all these are great for families on a budget but plan on replacing after a year of regular use or once your child hits a certain weight.

Tweedle Bug cloth diaper

The one size pocket diaper by Tweedle bug is not my favorite diaper. Now what may not work for me may work for you. This diaper is a one size pocket diaper with two openings. This allows for easy stuffing and removal of the inserts. This diaper has a 3 row snap down system to adjust the rise and double row snaps for the waist. My personal experience with this diaper has been bad. I've had leaks no matter what I tried. This diaper has only been used a few times and only when they others were in the wash. I wouldn't recommend this diaper to anyone. For the price you can find a different diaper that does more.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ava Anderson skin care line

At the age of 14 Ava discovered the issue with chemicals in our daily products and how they effect our health. After doing some research Ava decided to start her own line. In December of 2009 the Ava anderson skin care line was launched. Ava's products are safe to use. You don't have to worry about your body absorbing nasty chemicals. Now in 2011 Ava Anderson's  non toxic company has added shampoo's, body products, cosmetic and more! Being so young and coming so far is amazing. I was fortunate enough to be able to review some of Ava's skin care line products. They all smell very fresh and natural. It reminds me of lemons! The lip scrub is by far my favorite product! It taste amazing and works wonders for dry lips! Having sensitive skin I have to be very careful what I put on it. These products work great for my skin the the summer. It cleans away my makeup and leaves my face feeling fresh. Now I will say I did notice some irritation during the winter months but I think thats because my face gets extremely dry. I still recommend these products if you have normal/oily skin. For very dry skin you may want to contact the company and see what they recommend. When I first reviewed these products they didnt have all the items they do now! I cant tell you how excited I was to see all the additions. Though these items may be pricy they are well worth it. The skin care line lasted me around 6 months before I ran out, washing day and night. I look forward to trying more of the Ava Anderson non toxic products in the future! For my review in 2010 check out my video below!

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either. 

Bad Blankie!


If your looking for an organic blanket I highly recommend the Bad Blankie. These blankets are made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. The one side is fleece and the other is terry. These blankets are handmade if the US. The bad blankie is made with 6 stitching to ensure high quality and a longer life. They are completely machine washable. Simply place in the washer on the warm cold setting and dry on low. Bad blankies are anti-microbial which means there will be little to now bacteria reproduction. Also because its anti-microbial you wont notice is foul odors! I was amazed at how breathable these blankets really are. The material allows your skin to breath reducing night sweats. This company does have return policy and would love to answer any of your questions. 

The bad blankie comes in four different sizes
King: 108×108″
Full/queen: 81×108″
Twin: 66×90″
Baby: 29×36″

The blankets are a beautiful vanilla color. The trim for the adult blankets are blue or red and the baby blankets come in pink or blue. If you have any questions or comments about this product you can contact bad blankie. 

My family has been using the bad blankies for several months now. I cant tell you how much they have helped. My skin is softer and no more night sweats. Now my husband did notice he got cold during the winter months but my son and I were fine. These blankets can be a bit pricy but the benefits of organic products make it well worth it! The only think I wish is that they had a toddler size blanket. The twin is much to big for my 2 year old and the baby blanket we had is now too small. 

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rockin Green Detergent

Rockin green detergent is popular with the cloth diaper community. However this detergent not only washes those cloth diapers but also works wonders on your everyday laundry! Rockin green is made safe. Its free of phosphates, dyes, enzymes, whiteners and brighteners. The scented detergents do contain natural fragrance oils but dont irritate sensitive skin. If you are worried about warranty issues with your cloth diapers go for the fragrance free option. This detergent comes in three formulas: Soft, classic and hard. I love this option! If you live in an area that contains soft water you would reach for the soft and hard rock if you live in an area with hard water. Classic is for those with normal water. To find out what water type you have you can visit Rockin green and view the map. The company can also help you pick the best formula for your household. The customer service is amazing. They answered every question I had and were very friendly. This detergent comes and many different scents. Around the holidays they come out with some really yummy ones too! You can use this detergent in both high efficiency and standard washing machines. This product is not tested on animals and is biodegradable. 

I started out using this product on my son's cloth diapers. They removed majority of the stains and residue my old detergent left behind. Followed with line drying in the sun my diapers always came out looking brand new. I did notice that when you line dry your diapers they may feel a bit crunchy. Just toss them in the dryer for a few seconds on a low heat or air dry. They will come out soft. After trying a few different scents I noticed some aren't as strong as others. I prefer to use scent free and just add in some fabric softener. My son is finally potty trained and I was left with two bags of detergent. So I started trying them on my towels and clothes. To my surprise my towels came out so much softer and smelled amazing! For stubborn stains or smelly rugs I rock a soak and then wash. This knocks all the stink out of my rugs and towels. Not only does rockin green work wonders in the wash but its great as a carpet cleaner too! I just mix some rockin green with water add to my carpet cleaner and my carpets come out soft and looking magnificent! The room smells fresh and I know the product is eco-friendly. This Mom gives rockin green 10 stars! Love it and I cant get enough!  

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either.