Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leslie's boutique wet dry bags

Leslie's boutique is a family run company. They make wet bags, wet/dry bags, pail liners, mama pads and diaper changing pads! Each product is made of high quality fabric and come in adorable colors and patterns. You can buy these products of her website or any retailer that carries the leslie line.

I've purchased the wet/dry bag and I cant tell you how much I love this bag! I can stick a few clean diapers and the front and then when they're dirty put them in the wet area. I've had no stinks or leaks with this bag. It even comes with a little patch to add oils for a fresh scent if you want. The snap handle allows be to attach this to my stroller, shopping cart or even my diaper bag. That saves so much room in the diaper bag. As most of us cloth diaper moms know they take up a lot of room! The pleated front allows more diapers to fit. With the medium 13x15 bag I can fit 4-6 pocket diapers.

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