Friday, September 16, 2011

Kawaii ultra soft one size diaper

Kawaii is a cheap cloth diaper brand. This company has different styles from heavy wetter to minky. The particular one Im reviewing is the Ultra soft square tab one size pocket diaper. Like other pocket diapers the size is adjusted with a 3 row snap down the front. The waist and legs has a double row snap and an added hip snap. These diapers come with two inserts and they have a few different colors and prints. These diapers can be a bit bulky compared to other name brand diapers but I havent had any leaks. The only trouble I've had is the elastic on the legs started leaving marks on my son once he hit 20 pounds. We left the hip snap off and that made the diaper last until he was 23 pounds. After that we packed these away. Im a bit upset that they didn't last us longer. For a one size I was expecting them to at least fit to 30 pounds. Some of the diapers are losing snaps after a year or use. So all in all these are great for families on a budget but plan on replacing after a year of regular use or once your child hits a certain weight.

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