Saturday, September 17, 2011

Inspired by finn Teething necklace

Inspired by finn sells baltic amber products. Baltic amber has been believed to help with pain relief, chronic inflammation, restoring energy and maintaining wellness. How does it work? Baltic amber is warn directly on the skin. The warmth of your skin warms the amber and it then releases trace amounts of healing oils. To get the most out of your baltic amber make sure its directly on the skin and worn as much as possible. The teething necklaces are not to be chewed on. They are meant to be worn around the neck during the day with adult supervision and around the ankle at night with a sock over it. You also want to be sure to wear the amber as close to the pain site as possible. When picking your amber necklace the lighter the color the better the healing. You should clean your amber with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. DO NOT use soaps, oils, lotions etc on your amber. This will cause build up on the necklace. Remember to remove your amber when bathing, swimming or anytime you apply body products.

The teething necklaces are great for teething babies. Each bead had a not in them to keep any bead from coming off if broke. These necklaces are very durable and if not chewed on last awhile. I did notice a big difference in my son when wearing these necklaces. Its wasn't a big difference but I could tell it helped ease some of his pain. He was able to eat and sleep so much better. For questions on these products you can contact inspired by finn and ask what size would be best. 

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either.

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