Saturday, September 17, 2011

Comfyrump cloth diaper

Comfyrumps is a very affordable cloth diaper. These diapers are by far my favorite inexpensive diaper. They've never leaked during the day or nap time hours. The fit is amazing and I can see these working for 10-30 pounds. If I could redo my stash these would be my primary diaper. Im in love!! Comfyrumps has even started adding pattern diapers! I do recommend you purchase some extra inserts for super soakers or night time use. These aren't as bulky as some cheaper diapers. The rise is adjusted my a three row snap and the waist is adjusted by the double row snap with a added hip snap. They have a warranty and return policy just be sure to read the restrictions! The company owners are very friendly and will answer any question you may have. They also have promotions running from time to time. You can get a deal on packs of cloth diapers so be sure to check that out too!

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either. 

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