Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charm factory European beaded bracelet

The charm factory provides inexpensive European style bracelets. These bracelets are completely customizable. However they do have beaded bracelets ready to go. These a great gifts for graduation, new moms and even birthdays. The company was nice enough to send me the bracelet in the picture above. This one is the love and believe bracelet. I love the colors and the two charms. To me its life is about loving the people around you and believe in the impossible. These bracelets come in three sizes 7.5, 8 and 9. 

For my small wrist I chose the 7.5 inch bracelet. It doesn't fit snug but drops down to the middle of my arm. Thats exactly how I like my bracelets to fit. I love how you can change out the beads to make a completely different bracelet or add beads to the pre-made ones. There's endless possibilities! 

Its very easy to add or remove beads. You simply unscrew the clasp and add your beads! It cant get much easier than that! Im in love with my bracelet and cant wait to order more beads to change up the one I already have! This is an amazing idea and Im happy to share it with you all. Go check out!!

I was sent these products to review HOWEVER these are my honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review either. 

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