Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best sippy cups

The Munchkin sippy cups 

I recommend these for beginners. They are super cheap and I never had a leak unless he pushed it on the floor. That didnt happen until he was older so great for beginners. These lasted 9 months before they needed replaced and now that he is older he uses the hard spout cups. 

Gerber's Nuk sip and smile soft spout 
These are great! They're easy to clean and have never leaked on me. My son moved to these not long after he learned how to use a sippy cup. They're still soft so he likes these for nap time or before bed. This is what I call a stage two cups :) some babies may be able to use these right away but my son liked these after he got used to the sippy cup with the clear silicone tops.

Playtex first sipster training cups
These are another favorite! Again so easy to clean and these are great for babies comfortable with the sippy cup. They've NEVER leaked on me and he cant make them leak by pushing on the spout. They've lasted awhile now! We are going on a year and still in good shape. The company has always answered my emails with questions I've had.

Playtex insulator cups

These are my current favorite. Now that my son doesn't need a soft spout he loves these. They dont leak and the lids lock on. They keep the liquid inside pretty cold for awhile but not as long as a thermal cup would. Super easy to clean :) and I love the cute patterns these cups come in! 

Not every cup will work for every baby but try some out and dont invest in a lot until you know what works and what doesnt. I think its safe to say playtex has always been my favorite company to work with! 

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