Thursday, April 19, 2012

Palmolive fresh sponge dish soap

I was lucky enough to be selected by Influenster to test out this amazing product. I was pretty skeptical at first. How in the world can a soap keep my sponge smelling clean? Plus I wasnt always a big fan of palmolive. In the past I found it left my dishes greasy. However I put my past experience aside and went for it. Im so happy to say I fell in love with this stuff! The ultra palmolive fresh sponge dish soap rocked my world. First of all the smell is so yummy. All I wanted to do was sniff the bottle and that alone made washing dishes more enjoyable. I was shocked at how fast it removed stuck on food from my pans. I'd usually have to let them sit overnight and soak. So the cleaning power of this product is wonderful! Now how long did my sponge last? Typically a sponge would last 3 days tops. With this product my sponge lasted 10 days. The sponge held the yummy fruity smell for several days before I noticed it started to stink. Final verdict I will be buying these products again! Check out my video to see this product in action!

"I was sent this item to test out by influesnter. However Im not being paid for this review and these are 
my 100% honest opinions" 

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