Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ninja Turtles Costume!

Its almost that time of year again! Halloween is on its way and my husband and I couldn't wait to find the perfect costume for our son. A few months ago we heard that Michael Bay was going to make a "new" ninja turtles movie. Now for us 80's kids we were pretty excited. It reminded us of those movies and we had to go buy all three! We started watching them with our son and as soon as he saw them he was hooked! So naturally we wanted to find a Ninja Turtles Costume that didn't look cheap. Costume super center has a ton of options for ninja turtle costumes for all ages. So moms, dads or even brothers you can all be ninja turtles! 

My son is in 2T/3T clothes so I ordered the 3T/4T costume. Its fits perfectly with a little room to add a layer underneath. I would highly recommend you go by the waist and hip measurements when shopping for these costumes. They seem to run true to size so you have to remember to add a few inches for sweaters and pants! I find the costume runs a bit long but with shoes you cant even tell. Thats perfect for taller toddlers! Buying a size up is best. He loves this costume and didn't want to take it off. Its easy to put on as well. So if you have to do a quick potty stop you wont have to remove a ton of layers. Its all attached with velcro! Yes moms that means easy and fast. Even though everything is attached with velcro it stays on. Some costumes I've seen have cheap velcro that comes off if you move a certain way. I had my son jump and run all around the yard to see how it held up. Im happy to say it did amazing and I got some pretty good action pictures. 

The mask fits his head and stays on with the elastic back. He can see out of it without any issues and it doesn't slip around so he's not constantly adjusting it. Who wants to mess with a costume when there's candy to get right! The shell is very light and doesn't weigh him down or run at his neck. This costume is made out of polyester and is pretty easy to clean. You do have to hand wash in cold water and line dry but that only takes a few minutes. Shipping was fast and the return policy is very customer friendly. 

So all and all this costume is a hit in our house! My family goes all out for halloween. I think he has the winning costume in the bag this year. Do you guy's go all out for halloween and have you even started looking for a costume yet? I know I can't wait to see his face when he gets all that candy and gets to hang out with his cousins. I'd also love to hear what you think about Teenage Mutant Ninja Aliens. Are you going to watch it or are you disappointed in the change? As for us Im sure we will give it a go but Im not sure its going to top the oldies! 

"I was sent this product to review. However the company is not paying me for this review. These are my fair and honest opinions." 

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