Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes

To be honest I really wasn't sure about this product and I wish we could have got a few more samples to really give it a good try. However with the one clean well wipe I did get to try I can say its nice. I'd love to see these sold in more stores because right now they're hard to get your hands on. That is the only complaint I have. You can find these at whole foods, amazon and but I like avoid online shopping as much as possible. So for me I can't get my hands on these very easily unless I go online. The product itself is really nice. The smell isn't overwhelming and you can smell the citrus herb. It didn't burn my hands or my face when I tried it out. I was worried it would irritate my sensitive skin but not a single patch appeared. It was gentle enough to wipe away the oils from my face and didn't have that harsh smell most sanitizing wipes have. I didn't think it would make my hands soft but it actually works. The citrus scent lasted a few hours on my hands and the wipe itself is nice and soft too. Not rough or papery like others I've tried. I'd love to buy more of these for on the go. Having two boys its nice to have these little wipes to just grab and go. I just wish I could get them at my local Sam's club or other retail store.

"I received this product in my naturals voxbox from influenster. I am not being paid to review this product or being told to say anything in this post. These are my honest opinions."

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