Monday, July 15, 2013

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

Ok ladies lets talk hair bands. If you're like me you hate the bands with the metal on them and wont go near a rubber band. I also have very thin hair and most bands cant hold my hair. It just slips right out and its frustrating! I really didnt have any hope for these bands. Though for sure it would fail like the many others I have tried. 

Im happy to say the ouchless elastics by goody's works great! It holds up my messy bun and ponytails like a champ! My hair is so thin its the circumference of a dime. So for this to work really says something. The bands seem to hold their elasticity too which is nice. Overtime bands seem to stretch out on me. 

These elastics come in a pack of 5 for 2.99! The black one is what Im currently wearing :) but they have a pink, purple, light grey and dark grey. Wish they would have included a white band or brown band instead of two grey ones. 

I received this item in my voxbox from influenster. These are my honest opinions and Im not being paid for this review 

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